Beyond the “Add to Cart” Button: How to Gain More Customers for Your Website

Crafting confidence in every customer click

October 9, 2023

By: Maria

Touch, Feel, Trust: The Online Paradox

You’ve probably heard the age-old idiom, “Seeing is believing.” But in the realm of online shopping, where customers can’t actually touch or feel products, the rules of the game change. How do you inspire trust? How do you ensure a customer feels secure enough to click “buy now”? More importantly, how do you gain more customers through sheer trust?

Well, folks, let’s spill the beans!

Show ‘Em What You’ve Got: Vivid Imagery

The power of a good picture is, frankly, unparalleled. Without the luxury of physically interacting with products, customers rely heavily on what they see.

  • High-Resolution Product Images: Think of this as your product’s digital catwalk. Give your customers a comprehensive look with crisp, zoomable images from multiple angles. If you can, throw in a 360-degree interactive view. Check out the example. They can’t touch, sure, but they can definitely explore!
Screenshot showing high resolution product images, in this case a pair of sneakers

Talk the Talk: Descriptive Details

“But what’s it made of?” If customers have to ask, you’re not doing it right.

  • Detailed Product Descriptions and Specifications: From the silky feel of a dress to the origin of a handmade wooden toy, every detail counts. Offer in-depth information – materials, dimensions, care instructions, you name it. Ensure that potential buyers aren’t left hanging with questions. Need a shining example? Check out this screenshot from
Screenshot showing descriptive details of a product on a e-commerce, in this case a coffee pouch

Peer Power: Let Them Do the Talking

Who better to vouch for your products than those who’ve bought, tried, and tested them?

  • Customer Reviews and Q&A: Good and not-so-good feedback can be your brand’s badge of authenticity. Add a Q&A section. Let prospects ask questions and let either you or your customer community answer. It’s all about building that trust layer by layer.
Two screenshot showing examples of customer reviews pages

Swift Swipes: Simplified Shopping

Have you ever abandoned your cart just because the process seemed endless?

  • Easy and Transparent Checkout Process: A straightforward, step-by-step checkout is more than just user-friendly – it’s customer-endorsed. Offer a progress indicator, be upfront about any extra charges, and above all, make it quick! Check out the clean and clear checkout at Delicious, right?
Screenshot showing a smooth and detailed checkout of a chocolate ecommerce

“Did my order go through?” E-Commerce Emails to the Rescue!

Keeping customers in the loop isn’t just courteous – it’s smart business.

  • Automated Email Processes: Right from order confirmations to shipping updates, keep the lines of communication open. Every email reinforces trust, ensuring customers that their order is on its way. For a taste of excellence in action, peek at these screenshots from MoMA Design Store and B&H.

Ah, the online marketplace – where trust is gold and gaining more customers is the dream. And remember, behind every successful e-commerce website is a wizard-like developer making all these features come alive. Looking to cast a spell on your customers? Well, why not let Bits Kingdom be your magic wand, and get you that wonderful website you’ve always wanted?