App and Website Prototypes That Look Like The Real Thing

Develop your ideas at a lower cost

Wireframes, clickable and high-fidelity prototypes for startups, small businesses, and basically anyone with a good idea.

Make it real

Quickly land your idea. A clickable prototype allows you to transfer everything you have in mind to visual supports. This makes it much easier to make decisions about your product.

Keep it real

Creating a Hi-Fi prototype is about 10% of the total development cost. You can test your idea without embarking on an expensive dev process.

Test for real

Visualize your next website or application seamlessly. Test with real users and discover possible configuration bugs or usability issues long before they become a problem.

Showcase like a real pro

With a Hi-Fi prototype, you'll be able to show exactly what you want to do. Nothing looks more enticing than a well-presented idea.

Get easy and real results

A validated prototype allows you to go directly to development in a cleaner and more dynamic way. You don't need to be a tech geek to make sense of programmers, just hand over your prototype and we'll make it happen.

We're the real deal

At Bits Kingdom we're prototyping experts but we also offer consultancy and follow-up services while developing your ideas from end-to-end. Our team of UX/UI designers and programmers will help you find the best way to make your projects happen...

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