Afraid of remote staffing?

We totally get it. Hiring remote staff can become your worst nightmare if you don´t make the right choices.

It's possible that you, or someone you know, had bad outsourcing or staff augmentation experiences with lasting effects. However, remote staffing is a great solution when your projects are piling up, your team is not able to meet deadlines, or vacation season is just around the corner and you really need some extra hands.

6 tips to help you choose wisely

Know what you're looking for

Define the profile and amount of techs you need to join your team. Be clear on what hard and soft skills they must have.

Work with someone you can relate to

Communication is everything. Work preferably with nearshoring. Set appointments to get to know each other and talk things over. If the message doesn´t get through don´t waste your time.

Check the company out

Everything is communication. Check your potential provider's social media and ask for their customer's portfolio. You will get an impression of how committed they are to work and the quality of their projects.

Define a budget and set a schedule

Be open to negotiating, but have clear deadlines and budgets so you can show them what you want, when you want it done, and how much you are willing to spend on it.

Evaluate applicants

Ask for the candidates' resumes so you can check their background and experience. Interview them so you can personally ask questions and assess their replies.

Trust your gut

If you feel something's off try to sort it out, if it still doesn't add up, always go with your instincts.

If you’re drooling over the idea of taking a break and hiring experts to make your life easier and more productive, you’ve landed in the right place. Contact us and we’ll show you the way!