Healthcare Software


Focus on patients, let the software do the rest.

Create a cost-effective Web Site and tailored medical software to attract more patients and organize your healthcare practice.

In an evergrowing healthcare industry, software comes in more than handy for clinics, hospitals, professionals and private practices.

It helps reduce human error, schedule and deal with appointments easily, make important decisions, keep record securely, reduce costs, have a better control of finances and track data efficiently, among others.

Create a lead-generating website

Having a strong website is essential. It attracts potential clients and helps users to easily find the healthcare center and updated services. It not only puts the institution on the map but it helps it become a benchmark in its field. Additionally, it includes useful features such as appointment scheduling, e-prescribing access, and medical instructions.

Improve patient management with EHR Software

Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is the most popular type of software for healthcare services. It gathers relevant information on patients such as recommendations, medication, history of procedures, etc.

The baseline you need: Medical Database Software

Medical database software also stores histories and treatment plans. Unlike in EHRs, the database is categorized by disease, not profiles.

Prescribe faster with E-prescribing Software

Forget paper and pen! Healthcare centers all over the world have become more efficient and fast thanks to electronic prescriptions. This software allows you to easily track, update, repeat, renew and cancel your prescriptions.

Appointment Booking Software

This software efficiently manages the appointments of the healthcare center. It allows patients to schedule the appointments themsleves via website or phone app.


Training and Medical Research Software

Training doctors and medical staff was never so easy. This software is ideal for educating purposes and for sharing research with the rest of the medical community. It allows doctors to find similar cases and diagnosis outside their healthcare center.

Sofware tailored to your needs

At BK we feel passionate about finding software customized solutions to specific problems. Throughout the process we study your particular case and advise you on the technologies and features you should use to take your business to the next level.

Customer satisfaction is a must for us. Download our portfolio and take a look at our latest work.


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