The Best Real Estate Workflow Management? Custom Software Development Makes It Happen

Premier business project management solution for real estate

September 25, 2016

By: bkadmin

MDA Investments, a real estate company in Atlanta, USA, has taken a significant leap forward with its custom-developed Workflow Administrator. This robust business project management platform is the new cornerstone for MDA’s operations, enabling detailed tracking, comprehensive reporting, and real-time updates to the company’s workflow.

The image shows a MacBook Pro and an iPhone displaying a real estate workflow management platform interface, with a list of property projects organized by address. Each project entry includes a location, status indicators, and options for further actions. This visual supports the article's narrative on the effectiveness of custom software development in enhancing real estate workflow management.

Designed for Real Estate Success

The Workflow Administrator is tailored for MDA INVESTORS’ unique needs, catering to the fast-paced, detail-oriented world of real estate. It’s a perfect fit for real estate professionals who require up-to-the-minute information on their projects and an efficient way to manage their extensive portfolios.

A Technological Foundation Built for Efficiency

In developing the Workflow Administrator, we chose a cutting-edge tech stack that ensures reliability and user-friendly experience. The platform is a Single Page Application (SPA), providing MDA’s team with instantaneous interactions and data updates without the need for constant page reloads, essential for the fast-moving real estate market.

HTML5 and JavaScript form the backbone of the application, delivering a dynamic and responsive user interface. The styling power of Sass allows for an elegant, brand-aligned look, while PHP powers the server-side, ensuring robust back-end functionality. The responsive design means that MDA’s team can manage their workflows on any device, crucial for agents and managers on the go.

Moreover, email integration stands as a key feature, automating communication processes and ensuring that stakeholders stay informed about project statuses and updates without leaving the platform.

Why These Technologies?

Our technology choices for the Workflow Administrator were driven by MDA Investments’ need for a fast, reliable, and flexible platform. SPA architecture was a strategic choice to streamline the user experience and improve data management efficiency. We integrated HTML5 and JavaScript to provide a modern and agile interface that adapts to MDA’s dynamic requirements. Sass was implemented to customize the platform’s design to reflect MDA’s brand identity, and PHP was selected for its robust server-side capabilities. The responsive design ensures accessibility from any device, which is crucial for the mobility that real estate professionals require.

It is a MacBook Pro and an iPhone displaying a real estate workflow management platform interface


The Workflow Administrator stands as a testament to custom software development’s impact on the real estate industry. MDA Investments now enjoys a platform that not only enhances productivity but also simplifies the complexities of real estate workflow management. The result is a more streamlined, efficient, and responsive business process that can keep pace with the demands of the real estate market in the USA.


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