MDA Investments: A Real Estate Website for Atlanta Investors

Company website, SEO optimized for brand positioning and clients access.

April 26, 2016

By: Bk Team

MDA Investments’ Digital Trilogy: Website, Investor Portal, and Management Platform

MDA Investments, a real estate firm in Atlanta, has recently expanded its digital footprint with three bespoke solutions created by our team: an institutional website, a business administration portal for investor reporting and updates, and a real estate workflow management platform. These tools collectively streamline the real estate experience for both the firm and its clients.

The Institutional Website: A Gateway to Real Estate Expertise

The MDA institutional website acts as the public face of the company, meticulously SEO-optimized for brand visibility and client engagement. It’s the first touchpoint for anyone looking to explore MDA’s real estate services, showcasing the firm’s portfolio and expertise.

Intended Audience: Real Estate Investors and Clients

Tailored for real estate investors and clients, the website provides a clean, informative, and accessible user experience. It delivers everything a client or investor in Atlanta might need—from detailed service overviews to the latest project information.

Chosen Technologies for Best Performance

For the backbone of the website, we deployed a mix of robust technologies. A single-page application (SPA) model was selected for its swift, no-refresh transitions, keeping users engaged with smooth interactions. HTML5 and JavaScript form the site’s foundation, delivering a rich user experience that’s compatible across all devices. Sass enhances the site with sophisticated, customizable styles, making the website not only functional but also visually appealing. PHP ensures a stable and secure backend, allowing for efficient data handling and scalability.

An image showcasing the responsive web design of MDA Investments, LLC on both a MacBook Pro and an iPhone. The website header displays the company's name and navigation tabs like "WHO WE ARE," "HOW IT WORKS," "WORK WITH US," among others. Below, the section titled "WHO WE ARE:" introduces the company as an entity focused on the real estate market with expertise in residential remodel, expansion, and renovation, indicating a professional and informative online presence.

Design Philosophy: Elegance and Functionality

The design of the website mirrors the modern skyline of Atlanta—sophisticated, yet accessible. With an art direction focused on clarity and ease of use, the site invites visitors to navigate through MDA’s offerings intuitively.

Why This Triple Approach?

MDA required a multi-faceted digital approach to reflect its comprehensive real estate services. The institutional website serves as the cornerstone for online branding, the investor portal streamlines business communication and reporting, and the management platform organizes the workflow—all integrated seamlessly to support MDA’s growth and client satisfaction.


MDA Investments


Technologies / Techniques:

Single Page Application, HTML5, JavaScript, Sass, PHP