UI Do’s And Don’ts To Master User Interfaces And Boost Your Business!

UI tips that make customers happy and increase your conversion rates!

February 8, 2023

By: Rene

User Interface is all about invisible designs. It makes users feel at ease and shows them how to interact with interfaces. 

Usability and likeability are the essence of UI. If you make the user feel good, your business will convert more.

1. Mind the overlays in UI

Overlaying images in User Interfaces:

  • Adds depth to your interface.
  • Helps the user focus on the most relevant information.  
  • Makes your design look more sophisticated.

Image Overlays Do’s and Don’ts

2. Mind the contrasts in UI

Contrasting can be tough when using white text over color backgrounds. It is always better to use dark text over light colored backgrounds. 

This guarantees readability and makes the text look better. 

Contrast Do’s and Don’ts

3. Mind the spacing in UI

Spacing between letters is a subtle detail designers sometimes miss! 

Tricks, such as compacting headlines and increasing the spacing by using small caps, can improve designs and give them a final sophisticated touch. 

Spacing Do’s and Don’ts

4. Think outside the UI box! 

In UI, the box is the database. Don’t be afraid of breaking it!

Avoid mapping the User Interface by replicating every piece of data as displayed in the database. 

Check out the following example that shows you how to make the display more appealing!

Display Do’s and Don’ts

5. Spice UI up!  

Empty states shouldn’t be boring. 

Add illustrative details to the topic you’re dealing with to improve the interface. 

It will make your user experience more enjoyable!

Empty States Do’s and Don’ts

6. Don’t get carried away in your UI colors!  

Be mindful of the way you use your brand colors. In most cases, less is more. 

Adding colors that recall the brand is fine, but don’t push it too hard.

Brand Color Do’s and Don’ts

These UI tips can take your website and business to the next level. If you want to keep improving your UI/UX design check out this article and find out if your webforms have what it takes! 

:mano_escribiendo: This article was written by our copywriter, Sofia, in collaboration with our UX/UI expert, René.