Small Biz alert! 

Thrive during the recession with your website!

February 1, 2023

By: Maria

People google before buying! Having a website for your small biz is crucial if you want to get noticed. And it can make the difference during the recession!

Why websites?

A website is the front door of your business. You can’t develop a strong online presence using only social media.

It is crucial for geographical expansion and business growth

It allows the integration of useful features such as online scheduling, exact location, and instant messaging. 

Why branding? 

On your website you can show-and-tell the user all about your service.

The way you show it helps you build and promote your business identity and credibility.

During recessions, people are more skeptical. They are less prone to try new products, unless the brand is well-positioned. 

It helps new consumers trust you and strengthens your customer loyalty. 

Why invest? 

Small Biz websites don’t have to be expensive. 

Start by building a low-budget website and go for e-commerce once your business takes off.

Websites improve revenues and actually save you money. 

Online sales cut down expenses such as rent, salespeople, and logistics. 

It’s a good bet during the recession!

If you have trouble keeping up with your website, contact us! We can help you get back on track!