Kreitech’s Digital Reinvention: A Website As Innovative As Its Services

Website for a technology company specialized in IoT, AR and VR.

by Aug 10, 2021Works


Kreitech, an IoT powerhouse, has launched a brand-new website that not only reflects their expertise in the Internet of Things but also their prowess in Augmented and Virtual Reality solutions.

What is Kreitech’s New Website? is more than just a website; it’s a digital portal that showcases the firm’s cutting-edge services in IoT, AR, and VR. It’s designed to serve as the central hub for information and engagement for their specialized technology solutions.

Screenshot from the "Kreitech" website showcasing their 'Software Factory' and 'Game Studio - XR' services. The page features a modern, sleek virtual reality headset against a deep blue background with abstract white and green graphics, symbolizing innovation and advanced technology. The section highlights their expertise in creating experiences for gaming, virtual reality, augmented reality, NFT, and crypto development.

Intended for Technological Innovators

This platform is crafted for businesses and tech enthusiasts looking for advanced IoT solutions and immersive experiences in AR and VR. Kreitech’s target audience includes tech companies, startups, and industries eager to integrate IoT and extended reality into their operations.

Innovative Technologies for a Customizable Experience

The highlight of this project is a quick, cost-effective, and highly customizable landing page template. This flexibility is achieved through the use of WordPress custom post types (CPT) and custom fields (CF), allowing Kreitech to rapidly deploy and update product promotions with unique designs—no developer needed. Docker is used to ensure a seamless and scalable deployment process, just like we successfully implemented for a similar project with Oino.

Artistic Decisions: Capturing the Essence of Innovation

In line with Kreitech’s innovative spirit, the website’s design is futuristic yet user-friendly. The use of Figma in the design process facilitated the creation of a sleek, interactive experience that resonates with the technologically advanced audience Kreitech caters to. The new website’s aesthetic is a nod to the realm of IoT and XR—a blend of sophisticated technology and accessible design.

Why This Approach?

We wanted a platform that not only informs but also engages and inspires. By using WordPress, we’ve provided Kreitech with the flexibility to tailor their content to specific audiences and technology trends. Docker complements this by ensuring that the site operates smoothly under varying loads, making the new a robust resource for those invested in the future of technology.

Kreitech’s new website is a beacon for technological exploration, inviting visitors to delve into a world where software meets cutting-edge innovation. With the launch of, the company is poised to not just tell, but vividly display its story of tech excellence.



WordPress – Docker – Figma

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