Create the perfect Buyer Persona for your business!

Buyer Personas give customers what they need and get you what you want!   

November 16, 2022

By: Sofia

All you need to know in this quick guide! Include Buyer Personas in your marketing strategy and let the magic unfold! 

Who are these so-called Buyer Personas?

Buyer personas are not real people. They are created based on researching your target customers. 

These profiles of semi-fictional characters help you understand your customers’ needs and wants. 

Get to know your Buyer Personas! 

There are two ways to conduct buyer persona research: 

  1. Primary techniques – collecting data directly from customers (surveys, interviews, focus groups).
  2. Secondary techniques – collecting data indirectly from customers (educated assumptions, social media listening, analytics).  

Organizing Buyer Personas is crucial! 

Segment the users and see how many buyer personas you’ll need to create. 

Look for things these people share and separate them into groups, age, job titles, hobbies, channels they use, etc.

Less can be more. Create more than one Buyer Persona but don’t overdo it! Make sure they don’t share too many features. Your Buyer Personas must be well-delineated!

Now you’re all set to create your Buyer Personas!

On a profile template include:

Name and photo – Use stock photos to illustrate what your Buyer Persona looks like. 

Demographics – Age, income, gender identity, occupation, hobbies, education, etc. 

Goals – Personal dreams, career aspirations, social motivations, etc.

Challenges – Those things that prevent Buyer Personas from achieving their dreams such as income, family circumstances, self-esteem issues, etc.

Objections -Those things that stop them from buying your products such as budget, customer journey issues, poor business attitude, lack of trust, etc.

Solutions – Those things your company can provide to overcome Buyer Personas challenges and objections. Think, how can you get your customers to trust you? Can you improve your customer’s journey? How can you help them achieve their dreams with your product or services?

Buyer Personas in action!

Buyer Personas must be at the core of your strategy! 

Every marketing piece is a message! Always speak to your Buyer Personas. On your website, social media posts, launches, everything!

Create solutions for your customers, and they’ll keep coming!

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