Improve SEO with these keyword tips!

A quick guide to help you choose the best keywords for your business!

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SEO is quite huge! There are so many rules and techniques to consider, that we’d better break them down!

Find the keys! 

Keywords are words and phrases used in google queries. Keyword research is the most important part of SEO.

You can find the words people use when looking for your business and products. And use the right keywords to draw potential customers to your website. 

Where are they? 

Use keyword tools to find them. We recommend using Ahrefs keyword researcher. It’s simple, helpful and free. 

By entering some seed keywords, broad terms related to your industry, the tool will throw back keyword ideas and how they rank. 

How to choose them?

Start by considering:

  1. Volume: average number keyword of searches in a given timeframe. 

Medium volume keywords are more specific and attract targeted traffic.

What are others doing?

  1. Competition: the keywords your competitors are targeting to improve rankings and generate more traffic.

You can Google search queries related to your industry, view the metatags and choose the main keywords of the top rankers. 

It doesn’t have to be difficult! 

  1. Difficulty: it indicates how hard it is to rank for a keyword

For better SEO, choose words that are high or medium in volume and have a low difficulty.

Once you have the keywords you can start editing your website and creating new content to optimize your SEO!

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