What’s New in WCAG 2.2 – An Essential Read for Developers & Designers Alike

An essential read for developers & designers alike

October 11, 2023

By: Maria

Hold the Press, Developers, and Designers!

A Pivotal Epoch in Web Accessibility

Attention, digital architects! The realms of web accessibility have been redefined with the laudable introduction of WCAG 2.2 on October 5th, 2023. This isn’t just a decimal forward; it’s a gigantic leap towards a digitally inclusive utopia where every user, regardless of their abilities, finds a space that’s empathetic to their navigational needs.

Breaking Down the Wall of Changes

This isn’t merely a change; it’s a revolution! From bidding adieu to the 4.1.1 Parsing to embracing an entire spectrum of 9 novel success criteria, the shift from WCAG 2.1 to 2.2 is nothing short of a marvel.

A Deep Dive into WCAG 2.2’s New Success Criteria

Navigable: Empowering Keyboard Warriors

No shrouded fogs or elusive elements here; WCAG 2.2 ensures our keyboard navigators, like the adept reporters using speech recognition software, are empowered with:

  • Focus Not Obscured: Clarity and precision in keyboard focus that’s partially to fully visible
  • Focus Appearance: Ample-sized, high-contrast focus indicators to ensure visual comfort for all users.

Input Modalities: More Than Just Click and Point

Let’s break free from the norm and usher in an era where varied input modalities are the standard, ensuring:

  • Dragging Movements: An alternative to dragging, welcoming those who navigate with alternative pointers.
  • Target Size: Ample target sizes or spacing, a haven for users requiring precise or closely situated click points.

Harmonizing Predictability and User Assistance

Consistency & Valuable Assistance in User Inputs

  • Consistent Help: A reliable compass in the form of consistently placed help options.
  • Accessible Authentication & No Redundant Entry: Ensuring that user interactions, especially authentication, are not bound by cognitive challenges or repetitive inputs.

Personas: The Heartbeat of These Guidelines

Meet the personas, the real-life inspirations ensuring these guidelines are not sterile rules but living, breathing entities with practical applications and imperatives. They are not hypothetical constructs but embodiments of real users, bringing a human touch to the technicality of these guidelines.

In Closing: The Future Awaits Your Craft

Dear developers and designers, it’s more than coding and creating; it’s about pioneering spaces that speak the language of inclusivity and understanding. Explore our articles about web accessibility, and let’s construct digital worlds that welcome every user with open arms.