Denso: a ghostwriter with a web page

A web page to tell a ghostwriter story and services.

September 4, 2017

By: Bk Team

This guy appeared one night, like any ghost. And since he had a name, he started bothering to get attention!

Before Denso, there was only a small ghostwriter experience. That accidental experience became less uncomfortable, until it was fun.

Already with Denso in mind, a website was designed to make him famous. The texts were made describing his personality and telling his story.

When it came to visual identity, Denso already existed in several minds. Wilco gave life to him, first like a tall and thin ghost, transforming all this way to this nice ball that uses shoes, although he doesn’t really need to. He can levitate.

Wilco put Denso in different situations to graph the concepts creation/strategy/communication. From each of these Densos, he took a specific detail to turn them into icons.

At the same time, Santiago worked quickly in HTML, structuring and making the page work. His first challenge was to put everything Denso can do in one place and one time. Then we had this idea, that Denso wrote in an invisible way! Look at it here:

Finally, Santiago had a very nice touch when he displayed the alerts for the contact form. No red capitals or a bunch of !!!!, but a gentle and nice call of attention:


The most important thing is that Denso is happy with his website. That leaves us all calm, because nobody wants a ghost bothering at night, tugging on the sheets, complaining because he has nowhere to live.



Technologies / Techniques:

WordPress. HTML5. JavaScript. Sass. PHP. Responsive. Google Analytics. SEO. Adwords