BD Ticker: legal cases, from paper to screen.

Custom CRM to manage law cases.

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What is BDTicker?

BDTicker is the kind of software that all business owners want: an automated and custom CRM that fits the business needs and customer requirements to offer a more efficient way to manage all incoming cases and offer users a quick response and case tracking.

The challenge

Beth Din of America it’s a non profit organization that is always improving its process workflow. They created a platform a few years ago to migrate their paper forms and archive cases but they were in need of more power and flexibility in their daily workflow, such as automating the process of case creation from their website, custom fields on different case types, and also, getting their clients more involved in the case process to improve the response time.

The idea

Let’s migrate all the old PHP and MySQL Database platform to a new NodeJS and MongoDB! Yes! We went that far! The decision was taken in order to get advantage of the No Relational Database system and WebSocket technology to get a more flexible, scalable and faster platform which also allows other partner Courts to create their account and manage their process on a separate instance of the same platform.

How it went

Great! The system was deployed in August and has since been working with no downtime, even adding more features each month. We are glad of be a part of this project, and proud of having deployed such a robust platform.


Beth Din of America


Meteor. NodeJS. Docker. Google Drive. Twilio integration. Mailgun integration. MongoDB.

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