AI Image Generators: The Thrilling Team’s Voyage Between the Fear and the Faith

When AI met our creative spirits: a love (and sometimes fear) story

February 29, 2024

By: Bk Team

We, a diverse team of developers and designers, find ourselves at the crossroads of technological evolution in imagery. Our reactions when meeting the new AI image generators? A mixed bag of awe, optimism, and the kind of trepidation you feel when watching a horror movie alone, at night, with the lights off. Yes, AI has become our new roommate, and it’s an interesting living arrangement.

Imagine walking into a room where half of us are gawking at our screens like they’ve just revealed life’s greatest mysteries, while the others are whispering incantations to ward off the spirits of new technology. That’s us, trying to digest the breakneck pace of AI advancements without getting a digital indigestion.

The Illustrator’s New Digital Brush: A Pact with the Pixel Devil?

For our illustrators, it’s like finding a new digital brush that paints by itself; a thrilling yet somewhat unnerving discovery. There’s a camp that cheers, “Finally, I’ll meet my deadlines without summoning the midnight oil!” Then there’s the bunch eyeing their tablets suspiciously, wondering if a pixel rebellion is afoot. Will AI replace us? Or will it be the sidekick we’ve always dreamed of, saving us from the villainy of creative blocks?

The Image Banks’ New Inventory: Revolutionized by AI Image Generators

Our image banks are turning into drama-filled soap operas. On one side, there’s excitement about infinite, customizable AI-generated images. “Look, Ma! No more clichΓ©d handshake photos!” shouts someone from the back. On the flip side, there’s a somber mood over the unique, “human-captured” stock photos that might soon wear the vintage tag. It’s an existential crisis, peppered with hopeful curiosity about what this means for the future of stock imagery.

The UX Designer’s New Ally: Speed Dating with AI

For UX designers, it’s like going on a speed date with AI and hitting it off instantly. The ability to quickly generate and iterate visuals? A match made in design heaven. It’s like having a genie that understands exactly how moody our user personas can be. But, like all fast romances, there’s a lingering question: Will this swift, efficient partnership lead to lasting user happiness, or are we just dazzled by the novelty?

Mastering the Art of the Ask: Our New Creative Linguistics

The key to our success with AI-generated imagery? Becoming poets of precision. We’ve learned that the right words can conjure up visual magic, while ambiguity might summon a beast from the abyss of the uncanny valley. It’s a new form of creative linguistics, where every directive is a spell, crafting images that bridge or sometimes hilariously misunderstand human intent.

Give a stroke: a Simple Experiment.

We asked DALL-E to create the same scene for this article but with three different approaches.

1 – Paint as Botticelli

Boticcelli view about AI image generators

2 – Now, you are a Japanese painter

3 – What about a street art painter?

Introducing Sora: A New Horizon in AI Image Generators Creativity?

As we navigate this creative revolution, OpenAI’s Sora looms on the horizon like a new superhero (or overlord, the jury’s still out). It promises to push the boundaries of our digital artistry, offering tools that could either elevate our creativity to new heights or have us contemplating a career in digital archaeology, unearthing the relics of pre-AI design.

Beyond the Horizon: Embracing the AI Quirkiness

As we look towards the future, we envision a collaborative ecosystem where technology and human creativity not just coexist but thrive together. It’s about embracing the quirks of AI, learning from its oddities, and laughing at the unexpected turns. After all, isn’t the essence of creativity finding the extraordinary in the ordinary?

In the end, navigating the waves of AI-generated imagery is a bit like surfing – exhilarating, unpredictable, and always better when you ride it together. So here we are, paddling out into the digital sea, ready for the next wave, equipped with our humor, creativity, and a touch of healthy skepticism.