Mastering Headlines: 5 Tips for SEO-Friendly & Compelling Article Titles

Master headlines, the most crucial part of your article!

by Jan 12, 2023Content


We all know that first impressions matter! Headlines must be compelling if you want to attract readers!

Even if you have spent hours researching and adding value to your article, it takes one lousy title to ruin it all. Find out how to write persuasive headlines with these tips!

1. Keep your headlines up-to-date!

Originally, headlines were supposed to scream out from the newspaper shelves and grab people’s attention. 

Nowadays, Google and social media have raised the bet. While writing striking headlines is still a must, it’s not enough! 

You need to include keywords if you want headlines to rank in google searches and make them easily shareable and clickable for successful social media reposts! Read our SEO article to choose the best keywords for your headline!

2. Include numbers on your headlines!

Headlines that include numbers are more successful than those that don’t use them.

Numbers and lists are appealing to the mind. Numbers grab people’s attention since they give us the idea that the content in the article will be logically organized. Apparently, our brains really dig that! 

Studies show that odd numbers are more credible and work better than even numbers. So remember to add an extra tip, or remove one, if you don’t want that crazy even-number-magic working against you!

3. Make your headlines worthy!

Tell readers straight away what they will get from reading your post. If you want people to read on, you must include the benefits in your headline!

Benefits can be all sorts of things. You can promise a good laugh, celebrity gossip, a solution to a problem, a new skill, motivation, inspiration, a good piece of information, and so much more!

4. Good headlines connect emotionally with the audience!

Headlines should make the reader feel something. After creating a headline, check if it fulfills this purpose. If it doesn’t, add some emotion to it. 

Remember, it takes just one word to make readers feel excited, intrigued, inspired, sad, angry, or hopeful. 

Be positive. It not only makes you feel better, it works better! People want good news that help them find solutions, instead of emphasizing problems! 

5. Make high-ranking headlines!

Headlines should not only evoke emotions, they must evoke SEO! 

Check your headline attempt and make sure you’re using the right keywords to attract your target audience and rank higher in Google. 

Remember to make them unique. After you nailed your headline, check if there are other articles with the exact same title, and if this is the case, give them a twist!  

If you have trouble keeping up with your blog or website content, contact us! We can help you get back on track! 

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