10 Ways to Convince Your Boss

To Let You Work From Home

Isolation days seem to be over, but the whole world is still figuring out what the pandemic brought to stay and what it took away for good.

Working from home or going back to on-site mode is one of the main discussions! While some panicked, others finally understood what makes us such big WFH fans!

Believe it or not, many companies are doubting whether to have happier, more productive, and fulfilled employees or send them back to the office. So these 10 reasons might come in handy to convince your boss!

Less coffee and reduced stress...

...make healthier employees! 82% of remote workers confirm a lower stress level when WFH. Healthier workers live longer, don’t miss work so often, and perform better!

Lower overhead costs!

Electricity, wi-fi, coffee, utilities, and office space are up to you! Even if the company agrees to chip in on these services they’re still not renting a huge space for you and a bunch of other people to work at!

A greater good!

Work commutes, energy usage, and facility maintenance. WFH reduces environmental impacts, decreases emissions, saves energy, and reduces negative environmental impact overall.

Retention is money-saving!

Hiring new employees is costly and it’s important to improve the retention rate! It's proven that working from home is the perfect way to do so!

Who can say no to high productive employees?

Relevant studies have helped reduce the WFH stigma. They show that happiness and a healthy balance between work and family environments, among others, make remote workers more productive!

Improved brand reputation is definitely a plus!

No, it wasn’t what you chose to wear to the office that was preventing your company’s brand reputation to rise! People tend to support companies with happy employees over those who don’t give a damn about their well-being.

Building loyalty is easy!

WFH employees are more loyal than on-site workers. Trust also builds respect between bosses and employees.

Comfort and mobility

Customizing workspace, working occasionally wherever they want, and even becoming digital nomads, help reinforce happier and healthier employees.

Forget barriers!

Remote working improves inclusivity. People with mobility barriers can easily join a WFH schedule. It can also mitigate other geographical, cultural, and socioeconomic barriers.

Best talents!

Without all these barriers your company can broaden its top-talent scouting scoop! If your bosses are looking to fill other positions, remind them that there has to be a perfect fit somewhere in... well, in the whole wide world!


Remind your bosses you are more than ready for it! None of this can be missing if you want to make a good case!

after image

Google Meet

Special for work calls. You can open it directly in the browser. The premium version is free.


Kits for remote work. They are 100% free for medical and educational institutions and NGOs.


Remote work tool for small teams to stay connected. Includes communication with clients. Premium version released.


Remote desktop that allows connection from anywhere in the world. Free in its basic version.


Online courses from university institutions, in case you have some time left to study.

You can always count on us to help you fight for your right to remote work…

Well, some day it might end up being a right if we push hard enough! Don’t give up!