Roeku Platform: Simplifying School Communication in a Diverse Society

Comunication Web Platform that links schools and parents.

December 21, 2017

By: Bk Team

What is Roeku?

Roeku is a Belgian startup focusing on educational technology. They’ve built a simple, yet powerful platform to help schools communicate with parents, no matter what language they speak or where they come from.

The Challenge Roeku Tackles

Belgium is home to many different cultures and languages. Roeku saw a need for a way to talk to everyone involved in a child’s education—parents, students, and schools. Their goal was to get everyone on the same page and make sure no one was left out.

A Platform That Connects

In January 2018, Roeku is launching a platform that sends messages directly to people’s phones using SMS. This means important school information can reach every parent and student quickly and reliably.

Why SMS Platform? Why Now?

Everyone has a phone that can receive texts. That’s why Roeku is using SMS. It’s simple, and it works on any phone, so it makes sure all parents can stay in the loop.

The Tech Behind Roeku Platform

Roeku uses modern technology like iOS for a great mobile experience, NodeJS to handle lots of users, MongoDB to store information, and MeteorJS for fast updates. Together, these technologies make Roeku SMS Platform a reliable way to share information.

Supporting Better Education Through Tech

We believe Roeku is going to make a real difference. It shows how a good idea and the right technology can help everyone work together for a better future. The launch of is not just about a new product.

At the core of Roeku is a commitment to bettering lives through technology. It’s an initiative that the BK Team is honored to support. As Roeku gears up for its launch, we stand behind its mission to enhance educational engagement in a way that celebrates cultural diversity.

The upcoming launch of isn’t just the debut of a platform; it’s the beginning of a more integrated educational experience for every student and parent in Belgium—powered by simplicity, driven by technology, and designed for unity.


Technologies / Techniques:

iOS. NodeJS. MongoDB. MeteorJS