Ordde: Your Ultimate QR Code Solution for Contactless Transactions

Simplifying Orders, Reservations, and Donations with Cutting-Edge QR Technology

August 16, 2022

By: Cecilia

Ordde is an innovative super app designed to streamline contactless transactions through the power of QR codes. Developed by Bits Kingdom, this comprehensive platform enables users to place and manage orders, reservations, and donations effortlessly. By leveraging QR technology, Ordde aims to simplify and enhance the B2C sales process for small and medium-sized enterprises across various industries.

Tailored Solutions for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Ordde is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses looking to enhance their customer experience with seamless, contactless transactions. Whether you run a restaurant, retail store, or any service-oriented business, Ordde provides a versatile solution that makes managing orders, reservations, and donations straightforward and efficient.

Cutting-Edge Tech Stack for Robust Performance

Ordde is built using a modern tech stack to ensure high performance, reliability, and scalability:

  • React for a dynamic, responsive user interface.
  • MongoDB for flexible and scalable data management.
  • NodeJS for efficient server-side processing.
  • Docker for consistent and reliable deployment across various environments.
  • Figma for meticulous design and prototyping, ensuring an intuitive user experience.

This combination of technologies allows Ordde to deliver a seamless, user-friendly experience while maintaining robust backend support.

A User-Centric Design with Visual Appeal

The design of Ordde focuses on clarity and usability, featuring a sleek, modern interface with intuitive navigation. The use of bold colors and clear typography ensures that all elements are easily readable and accessible. Visual cues and straightforward layouts guide users through the process of placing orders, making reservations, and donating, minimizing friction and enhancing overall satisfaction.

The screenshots demonstrate how Ordde combines functionality with aesthetic appeal. The login screen, QR code integration, and detailed menu views all reflect a cohesive design strategy aimed at providing users with a seamless experience.




React. Mongo. NodeJS. Docker. Figma