Nomecomplico: Your Shortcut Through Red Tape

Simplifying Public Procedures and Applications

June 17, 2022

By: Cecilia

Nomecomplico is a user-friendly web platform designed to simplify the often tedious and confusing process of handling public procedures and applications. Developed by Bits Kingdom, Nomecomplico aims to cut through the bureaucratic red tape, making it easier for users to complete tasks like renewing IDs, filing taxes, and more with minimal hassle.

Screenshot of the NMC user dashboard featuring active procedures such as 'Identity Card Renewal' and 'Personal Services Tax Settlement,' both highlighted as 'ACTIVE.' Below, completed and canceled procedures like 'Birth Certificate' and 'Proof of Employment Inactivity' are displayed with respective completion dates.

Making Life Easier for All

Nomecomplico is ideal for anyone who finds government paperwork frustrating and time-consuming. Whether you are an individual trying to renew your identity card or a business owner managing various public services, Nomecomplico streamlines these processes, saving you time and effort.

Leveraging Advanced Technologies for Seamless Operation

To ensure a smooth and efficient user experience, Nomecomplico employs a powerful tech stack:

  • NodeJS: Chosen for its ability to handle a large number of simultaneous users efficiently, providing a fast and responsive experience.
  • MongoDB: Used for its flexible and scalable data management capabilities, allowing for the easy organization and retrieval of large amounts of data.
  • Docker: Ensures that Nomecomplico works consistently across different environments, offering reliability and scalability.
  • Figma: Utilized for its robust design capabilities, helping create a user-friendly and visually appealing interface.
Dashboard screenshot of NMC web platform presenting a query bar asking "What are you going to process?" Options such as "Birth Certificate Process" and "Monotax Tax Settlement" are organized in a grid format. The "My Procedures" section at the bottom shows a message "There are no procedures in progress yet" with an accompanying illustration of a person sitting in front of a giant smartphone.

Designing for Clarity and Calm

The design of Nomecomplico features open spaces and cool, calm colors, deliberately chosen to create a relaxed and stress-free user experience. The layout is simple and clear, making it easy to navigate through different procedures without feeling overwhelmed. The clean design helps users focus on completing their tasks efficiently.



Docker. NodeJS. Mongo. Figma