Laying the bases: Defining the structure of your new website.

Redefining the structure of your startup’s website: you’ll want to start by doing this.

July 8, 2021

By: Maria

In this article, we tell you about our experience as a startup defining the structure of our new website without losing sight of the different integrated points of view: Content, UX/UI Design, and Development.

If you are a startup or small business, this part of the story may sound familiar. At Bits Kingdom, we needed to reinvent our website, so it would match our growing and new point of view.

So, if you’ve gone through this need yourself, you’ve probably panicked a bit when you realized that your website is your visible face to your customers and potential ones. Don’t worry, don’t get all twisted up thinking about it. The important thing is not that everything is perfect, the important thing is to start, and here we help you define where.

The first step

The first thing was to meet and talk about this idea of renovating the site. What do we want to do? What do we want to offer? How do we want to be perceived? How do we perceive ourselves?

Then, we went on to think about concepts and content: What do we have to say? How do we tell it? What information should we include?

What led us to audit the site we had at that moment: what should stay? And what should go?

One debate led to another, and finally, we started writing, on ordinary Google Docs sheets, and bringing our new baby to life.

We wanted to avoid the typical structure of:


➡️About us

➡️What we do


So, although we complied with that information, we decided that our site should be organized in the following structure:

  • A home page
  • A contact page
  • A page dedicated to development, another one to design
  • A products and customers page
  • A page for newcomers looking for solutions
  • A page for blog articles
  • A 404 page

For this, we defined a space theme: we would organize the main pages as planets or space elements. 👩‍🚀🛰👽

Thanks to the magic of custom fields, we can create “parts” or “sections” that can appear on different pages. Then, instead of uploading the information on the specific page for the team, we create fields and sections within the administration dashboard for each person, which we then choose on which page they will appear. Some will go to the development department, others to the content department.

Another great advantage of WordPress for the client is the possibility of having multiple users with different permissions.

So, this is how our pages were born:


The rational world, where developers live and breathe life through technologies such as JavaScript, React, Meteor, and Node.js, among others.


Creativity is born out of chaos. Prepare yourself to discover it. This is the crazy world of design and content.

Wanderlust Station

The arrival station for our clients. This is where travelers arrive from the far corners of the galaxy looking for solutions to their problems.

We decided that this page would welcome those customers with a test to help them orient themselves. When we wrote the text, it looked something like this:

Depending on your answers, we tell you what kind of customer you are, based on our experience, and we recommend a team with certain qualities dedicated and trained to serve you.

NowWhat Planet

Although it may seem like a wandering planet, it is the home of our modus operandi. Here’s how we work: We always seek creative problem solving: that’s how we like to work! Here we guide you from the starting point to the completion of your project.

Thanks to the magic of custom fields, we can create “parts” or “sections” that can appear on different pages.

Although we have great ideas, part of the process is to resign, cross out, and leave some things for later. Otherwise, we would never finish.

However, let me tell you a little about the 404 page. It was clear to us that it couldn’t be just any 404 error page. It couldn’t be empty. It had to align with our personality and integrate with the new site.

We thought of something like this:

Why not take advantage of the space theme to talk to the web surfer, if it’s in space code better, and…What if we added something cool to listen to in the meantime? Cool, right?

Think of it like this, you’re driving down the road, and suddenly you get lost. You were in a hurry, but you come across a beautiful landscape, and all of a sudden you are listening to a nice song, an audiobook, or just something that captivates you. That’s a game-changer, isn’t it? That’s kind of what we wanted to do here. Did you get lost? Ok, it’s ok, let us take care of it. We’ll help you get back to your ship and get you on your way, but in the meantime, we want you to have a good time.

All said we’ll leave you to enjoy it! 🚀