Hello, world! A new kingdom has begun…

Why we are here

October 12, 2016

By: bkadmin

It has only been 6 months since Bits Kingdom started. However, there is a reason for why it feels like it has been much longer. It’s due to all the things we’ve learned. The time was rewarding and it felt like it expanded.

Not only did we learn about the compromises that it takes to start a company from scratch. There is a lot more: we learned to establish connections within ourselves, organize and finish our work. We established various work flows. We experimented, failed and learned to get the job right.

Bits Kingdom started being an idea more or less like this:

profitable company + a good living for the people involved.

The idea was a company that would reap benefits for the people involved without sacrificing (*) their lives. Because if the people are well, the company will do well. That is our logic, inside out.

Today we see it, it’s working! We are always basing it on a simple exercise: transparency. This adds value to each person involved in our projects. We don’t have employees, we have collaborators.

Yes, 6 months isn’t much, Its a semester, 2Q, 180 days. There is much to write, in addition to this blog that is being born today. However, it has been 6 months that we risked and tried new things.

We are united by a passion to find solutions ranging from common to complicated problems, within coding and life itself.

(*) No lives were sacrificed in the making of this company.