6 years surviving and thriving in software development

As well as design, content and miscellaneous experiments.

April 1, 2022

By: Maria

Are you lucky enough to have embraced a project that sometimes seems bigger than your back? If so, welcome to the world of entrepreneurship! 

Our experience running a small business has given us a collection of varied moments, from joy to worry, anxiety, satisfaction and, let’s face it, even fear. It has also caused us a lot of muscle tension!

Nevertheless, we’re still here.

In this 6th year, we decided to make a brief reflection and highlight some of the things that kept us (and keep us) standing strong.

And here they go, expressed in the best way possible: with a movie line. 

#1 “Much to learn, you still have.” Yoda, Star Wars.

Sometimes it seems like you have already learned your lesson, but you haven’t. The possibility of repeating mistakes or realizing that you actually didn’t know that much is always there.

The best thing about this quote from the great Yoda is the feeling you get when you realize how much there is to learn, a mixture of anxiety and happiness when faced with the vastness of the world. 

#2 “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger.” Eames, Inception.

When things seem to be going well, there is always the fear of losing everything. This quote is a great antidote to that paralyzing anxiety. 

#3 “Whatever you end up doing, love it.” Alfredo, Cinema Paradiso.

This quote reminds us that today we’ve got the power to choose what we want to do. We don’t forget where we come from and we’re grateful for where we stand today.  

#4 “You have to get lost before you find yourself.” Margo, Paper Towns.

This one is perfect for those moments of existential angst! What am I doing here? Why am I doing this? Calm down, it’ll pass and it’ ll lead you somewhere better. 

#5 “There’s no place like home” The Wizard of Oz.

For remote work fans, like us, this quote means everything. There is nothing like working in the most comfortable place in the world! And if we get bored, we have the rest of the planet to work from!

#6 “Trust me. Everything’s gonna be fine.” Jack, Fight Club.

Nothing like that image where everything falls apart, and yet we’re still standing. 

When faced with difficult decisions, we always ask this question: what’s the worst that can happen? And we name the worst situation out loud. 

This allows us to become aware of the risks and anticipate possible solutions to the worst-case scenarios. 

But since optimism always wins, we close with “Everything will be fine. And if it isn’t, we’ll fix it”. 

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