3 Essential Tools for NFT Smart Contracts – Start Your Collection Now!

Start creating your NFT collection with the our Web3 Dev Pro!

February 16, 2023

By: Alejandro

Our Top Web3 Developer offers some advice on the best tools you can use for NFT Smart Contracts. Indulge in these tips and start your NFT collection right away!

1. Play it safe with OpenZeppelin

OpenZeppelin is a set of vetted Smart Contracts.

This open-source framework helps you focus on implementing Smart Contracts without building additional security tools. 

The wizard tool helps you customize contracts. You only need to know the required standard terms: ERC-721 (NFT), ERC-20 (Tokenomics), etc. 

Copy and test them using REMIX or directly deploy them on the blockchains you prefer.

Make the most of OpenZeppelin!

 Take a look at the benefits of OpenZeppelin Smart Contracts:

  • Development of complex use cases
  • Reduced development time
  • Quick solution to frequent problems
  • Optimization in the use of gas
  • Security

2. Alchemy, the perfect do-all! 

Alchemy is a stunning Web3 dev platform. 

It simplifies the development of apps with numerous tools, featuring the Supernode Service to deploy your smart contract on ETH and Goerli. 

Many tools are free and allow you to monitor statistics of your web3 app when you deploy using them. 

If you look for NFTs online, they probably come from Alchemy.

Alchemy is worth it! 

 Check out the benefits of Alchemy:

  • Reliability: Its 99.9% uptime ensures that you can always interact with the blockchain.
  • Scalability: Its solutions ensure business quick-scaling without speed limitations or lock-in.
  • Accuracy: Its 100% data correctness, ensures that users won’t experience faulty transactions or incorrect information from the blockchain.

3. Manage like a pro with Pinata!

Pinata is an NFT media management service that allows users to host, manage, and share all types of files on any blockchain. 

Pinata helps you create web3 or IPFS at scale without technical expertise. 

As an IPFS pinning service, it gives technical and non-technical creators a fast, easy, and reliable way to share content without limits.

Let Pinata’s power unfold! 

Benefits of IPFS:

  • Powerful protocol that allows creators to host content that is too big for blockchain on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. 
  • Leverages cryptography to ensure that content cannot be changed.
  • Ideal for NFT projects that look to decentralize NFT media and ensure it does not change over time.
  • Enables creators to take ownership of their content and decide on how it’s shared.

Get real and start your NFT collection!

How to use these tools to create your NFTs’ collection:

  • Create your Smart Contract using the OpenZeppelin wizard.
  • Deploy your Smart Contract using Alchemy’s Supernode.
  • Host your images, videos, audio files, and their respective metadata, in Pinata.
  • You’re all set to start creating your NFTs collection.

If you’re embarking on Web3 technologies and need some advice or help with your projects, our experts are waiting for you! Feel free to contact us!

:mano_escribiendo: This article was written by our copywriter, Sofia, in collaboration with our Web3 expert, Alejandro.