Roeku: how a technological solution can impact cultural integration.

Comunication Web Platform that links schools and parents.

December 21, 2017

By: bkadmin

What is Roeku?

Roeku is a Belgian Education Technology Startup. They were faced with a challenge and found a solution, focused on the common good (we love that!)

The challenge

In a multicultural society, where people have different languages, traditions, customs and concepts, they looked for a means of communication that is common to everyone with the objective of promoting the interaction between parents/students/schools in order to involve every person possible in such an important task as is the education of future generations.

The idea

Thus, they developed a communication platform that will be launched in January 2018.
This platform will improve the flow of information between schools, students and parents – through automatic SMS. Everyone will be involved! All will be aware, with automated notifications and reminders.

Why use SMS in 2018?

Simple. There is no phone (smart or dumb) that does not receive SMS.

We think that Roeku is an excellent idea. It is an example of how technology improves people’s lives. We are proud of their work! And we love being a part of it πŸ˜‰



Technologies / Techniques:

iOS, NodeJS, MongoDB, MeteorJS