ChatGPT for Web Development Content: A Non-Technical Writer’s Experience

Write tech stories without being a programmer

November 20, 2023

By: Maria

How a Non-Technical Writer Can Write a Web Development Post: A Writer vs. ChatGPT Showdown

Stuck trying to write about web development without a tech background? I’ve been there. I have been writing for various businesses for years, but, when it comes to web development, my technical knowledge is limited. However, I’ve discovered an effective way to create compelling content on this fascinating and ever-evolving topic. I’ve teamed up with a tech-savvy coworker, Michael, and the assistance of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has been a big help. It’s like having a tech translator by my side. But, not all is rosy… Our relationship it’s not perfect – it solves some problems and creates new ones. Let me show you what a day looks like working with my new partner, ChatGPT, to turn techie talk into engaging stories.

an illustrative image showing an AI robot and bubbles speech representing the writer

8 am: Decoding Developer Jargon

It all starts with Michael, a developer coworker, who gives me the lowdown on a topic. In this case, “How to Create a Web App with Rust.” I get a bunch of code and explanations that sound as complex as Greek, but that’s where the fun begins.

8:15 am: Adding a Human Touch

Next, I jump in, breaking down the complex stuff into something anyone can understand. It’s all about keeping it light, adding a bit of ease and agility, and, most importantly, making it relatable. I take those code bits and turn them into a story everyone can enjoy.

10:30 am: Fine-Tuning with ChatGPT

But here’s the rub. ChatGPT sometimes removes lines of code it deems redundant. It’s crucial to explain that while the developer may be detail-oriented, the code is meant for beginners, and I need to retain those parts.

10:35 am: Resistance and “U” Words

Also, I constantly remind it to steer clear of “u” words like “unleash”, “uncover”, and “unlocking” –seriously, what’s with the obsession? Communicating with artificial intelligence can be challenging, but I persevere.

11:10 am: Going Live on WordPress and Asking for Approval

Leveraging ChatGPT 4’s new capabilities, I share the link with it for a final check. At the same time, I share the link with the real brain on it, Michael. He approved my writing, but…

11:23 am: SEO and Protecting the Code

This part is a balancing act. ChatGPT is great for SEO advice, but I always have to ensure it doesn’t change the core code. It’s about tweaking the text, not the tech. I repeat this step a lot of times until the tool understands that “don’t touch the code snippets” is a non-negotiable prompt.

11:26 am: I write “don’t touch the code snippets” prompt again

11:29 am: … and again

11: 32 am: and again!

11:38 am: I win. The code stays as is.

Great. Finally, I can say that this infernal machine understands that I want to check only the “frosting zone”, and not the cupcake at all.

12:05 pm: Time for lunch… and peace.

That wraps up today’s session with you, ChatGPT. You’re great at pointing out my mistakes but quite stubborn with yours. See you in the next update!