I’ve Got Google My Business. Why Do I Need a Website?

You need a website, even with a Google My Business profile!

October 23, 2023

By: Maria

Picture this scenario: a local business owner casually remarks, “I’ve already snagged a spot on Google My Business, so what’s the point of a website? Google’s spotlight seems to shine brightest on those profiles, leaving the websites in the shadows, right?” Does that ring a bell? Well, it’s high time we rewrite that narrative and show you how a tailored website is your secret weapon to get more clients and transform your online presence!

Mapping the Misconception to Get More Clients

  • It’s a Trust Thing!
    When people want to know the real deal about who you are or crave the deets on everything you do, a website is your golden ticket.
  • SEO and You!
    Google loves websites. Attach one to your profile, keep it snappy, and watch your business climb the Google Maps search pack. It’s like giving your profile a pair of wings!

Beyond the Bubbles of Google and Facebook

  • Eyes on the Prize!
    Some folks don’t give two hoots about the maps search pack and dive straight into the search results listings.
  • Investment, Not Expense!
    A website isn’t a money pit; it’s an investment that keeps paying back. Every year without one is dollars down the drain!

Branding, Leads, and That Professional Sheen!

  • Look at the Part!
    Generate leads, build your brand, and ooze professionalism. Integrate with a simple CRM, and you’re golden!
  • More Than Just a Pretty Face!
    Whether it’s a full-blown website or a neat landing page, you need to exist beyond Google to broaden your horizon and reel in those who roam the other realms of the internet.

Turning Heads and Converting Lookers into Bookers!

  • It’s All About Visibility!
    The more peepers peeping your business online, the more chances you have to convert those lookers into bookers. It’s simple math!

It might sound like a heck of a thing, getting a website up and running, but here’s the kicker: it’s not about splurging on a fancy-schmancy, all-the-bells-and-whistles kind of site. Sometimes, all you need is a landing page that says “Hey, here we are, and here’s how you can reach us!”

Conclusion: Bit the Bullet with Bits Kingdom!

Feeling the tickle of curiosity? Itching to step up your game and get more clients? Dive deep, explore, and let’s create something beautiful and professional that resonates with your brand. Remember, it’s not about existing; it’s about standing out!

Reach out to Bits Kingdom and let’s build you a website that’s not just a pretty face but a powerhouse to get more clients and elevate your small business!