With our help: Think it through

Here at Bits Kingdom we invite you to think it through. With our team at your side.

Do you have a project? Let's talk. Almost anything is doable. There are very few things –really– that cannot get done.

Do you have doubts and don't know where to start? We should have a chat. It's much easier than you think.

Bits Kingdom is the kind of outside collaborator that will make your company grow in the digital world.

Go from "Pending" to "Done"

Bits Kingdom is the solution to start marking as “Complete” all of the projects on your to-do list. We offer fast and effective solutions –no setbacks, no delays– because we run parallel to, but separate from, your in-house specialists and experts.

Your workflow keeps getting streamlined and your company productivity goes up, while your pending ideas –finally– become finished projects.

On-Demand Web Services

Bits Kingdom offers web services as "outside help," which means you can enjoy the following benefits:

Avoid the cost of training employees to use –what might end up being– "once-in-a-lifetime" technologies.

Free up internal resources while shifting their focus 100% to the most pressing issues at hand.

Work with a highly qualified external team that is fully dedicated to your project.

Skip the employee selection process –you found us already– and lighten up the workload of your personnel department.

Get the finished project faster; let us deal with the ins and outs of the daily processes.

Tackle real, tangible needs, while strictly adhering to your budget.

Costs Are Always Under Control

Do you think reining in costs with an external collaborator is always an issue? With us, it won't be. The cost of a project is the same from beginning to end. Really. It's our commitment.

If you need to expand your project, add extra details or change course, no problem: The numbers are simple and clear: We'll adjust the cost to your new idea.

On our website you'll find a cost calculator that can quickly help you with an estimate. If you need an exact number, just knock and we'll take care of it.

Check out what we can do:


We make solutions –yes, we make them– for you to access the virtual continent that has been added to the map: The Internet. Your brand can have an app, a website, widgets –all of that and much, much more–. The point is simple.
We want your client to have an extraordinary and seamless customer experience. When finished, she or he will want to come back and do it all over again.


The right image for your brand does 50% of the job. And you already know how to do the rest.
Build your site, create your corporate image, grow in the eyes of your clients. The objective is to be easily and clearly recognized in the virtual world, regardless of your physical location.


Communicating in a way that is creative and well-suited can do much more than push your company up on search engines.
Again, the point is to tie the customer to your brand and to conquer loyalty.


Everything else not listed so far falls within this category. Bits Kingdom can address your brand's needs, creating results while finding multiple shortcuts.
If it's hard, we make it easier. Our goal is to find a tailored solution to anything you need to achieve. Get in touch with us. Now.

Let's talk about numbers

Nothing better than to measure the resources to make the best of them. In Bits Kingdom we know how to do it!
Take a couple of minutes at our calculation table and you will have a rough estimate of what the cost of your project would be.

Our clients

  • GVC Holdings
  • Betsson
  • Zojirushi
  • MDA Investments
  • America Realty Group
  • Cornerstone

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