Skedpad: show others when you are available for a meeting

Web Platform to schedule meetings.

September 28, 2017

By: bkadmin

What is SkedPad?

SkedPad is a Californian Startup that solves the mess of finding a meeting time that is suitable for everyone involved.
It could be used for business purposes or just to meet your friends. (We use it!)

The challenge

Time: SkedPad needed to be in production in less than a month as an MVP:
Transactional Emails, Business and Personal users accounts, Calendar View, Recurring Events and the whole point to point events confirmation process to get a meeting scheduled.

The idea

We moved the original idea of a MySQL database to a MongoDB database which allows us simplify the whole process of account creation and event process.
Not much more to say: full focus work in less than a month and we made it 😉

What now?

SkedPad was released in September (2017) and since then we have been working together to get them a great new UI and UX, integrated with other third-party calendars.
We are very proud of helping them create this project.




MeteorJS, Docker, MongoDB, NodeJS.