Recession, On Guard!

Don’t let the recession become your obsession! Take note of these business tips and fight back!

January 28, 2023

By: Maria

Bad times are worse if you don’t see them coming! 

Living in a fairyland may seem like a good choice… until the wolf shows up! Believe us, sooner or later, the wolf will show up

These tips will help you prepare your business for a rainy day

1. Can’t touch this!  

This tip may seem obvious, but we do get carried on the spree of the moment and forget to actually do it! 

During recession times exchanges slow down, sales drop and there’s little we can do about it. So, keep an ‘untouchable’ financial reserve. 

It will give your business the advantage of surviving as long as possible.

2. Can’t guess this! 

Don’t play guessing games about when hell will break loose. Instead, focus on the consequences of recession or rainy days. 

If you plan how you could manage rough circumstances your business will be prepared when they do happen. 

3. Can’t cut this!

Don’t get caught up in the heat of the moment. Be mindful of abruptly cutting down expenses or it can later result in more costs!

Be strategic with your spending. Check if you were on autopilot with some costs. Cut back on unnecessary costs you could afford before, but are no longer worth it. 

Check if there are cheaper alternatives, commodities, products, or offers you could benefit from. 

Now you’re ready to navigate smoothly through rough patches!

✍️ This article was written by our copywriter, Sofia, in collaboration with our Small Biz expert, Maria.